Residential Window Tinting

Home window tinting in Meridian Idaho

Residential Home Window Tinting

We Only Use Premium Quality Window Films

Want to save energy in your home? Of course you do.  Premier Glass Tinting of Boise Idaho has 30+ years of installing premium window films for your home’s windows.  Windows are one of the most inefficient areas in your home allowing the flow of outside heat or cold air to enter the home. Today’s window films can help deflect the outside air as well as keep the cool or heated air to remain inside your home.

Want to save money? Not only will your home stay warmer or cooler with window tint, but applying top quality professional window tint film can potentially avoid or postpone the need to replace windows and will add strength to the glass.

Residential home window tinting window films provide a natural look while reducing glare and providing heat rejection of over 50%. It blocks 99% of UV rays protecting your window treatments, flooring and furniture. Window tint is pleasing to the eye, not shiny and “tin foiled” like many people assume and do not block the view like exterior sunscreens do.

Residential window tinting film also offers some protection from damage from birds, fallen limbs, etc and can slow down any potential intruders trying to enter via windows.

There are many choices in shades and hues of window tint for your home. Let us come take a look and make some suggestions!  We provide professional home window tinting services to Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, Garden City, Star and Kuna Idaho area homes.  Call us today!

See the direct benefits tinting your home's windows can provide

Before home window tinting After home window tinting
Notice the reduction in glare the window tint has made in these un-edited before and after pictures.

Are You Looking To Get Your House Windows Tinted?

Premier Glass Tinting of Boise offers all types of window films including darkening, reflective, safety and decorative.

For many of us in the Treasure Valley, we have windows in our homes that fast the South and the heat in the summer is unbearable.  Premier Glass Tinting of Boise can help you with that!  Our premium window films reduce heat, UV rays, and are guaranteed to work.  We have a variety of options that will work for every home throughout Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, Garden City, Star and Kuna.  

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